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Greenstand Design Lab

At Greenstand, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on our amazing Volunteers in Design who…


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Cloud Compassion: How Greenstand Thrives with DigitalOcean's Contributions

As a technology-driven nonprofit, partners like DigitalOcean are crucial to our success. Learn more about how this technology partnership helps us…


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Greenstand’s 6 millionth capture: Another milestone in MRV success

Greenstand hit another Million Milestone this July, with upwards of six million Tree Captures recorded. This achievement came a mere five months after…


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Welcome Cynthia Bondi as Our Managing Director

We’re thrilled to share that Cynthia Bondi has joined us at Greenstand, taking on the role of our very first Managing Director. Cynthia joins…


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Join Our Advisory Board!

Apply to join our Advisory Board to guide and inform strategies that will help us achieve our mission.


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Trees That Feed Foundation Staying Accountable Through Treetracker App

The Trees That Feed Foundation uses our Treetracker app to verify and track growth of fruit trees cared for by growers.


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Thanks to Our Grant Funders and Contributors

Join us in saying thanks to the organizations helping us achieve our goals.


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ECOTRUST Seeing Results from Treetracker App Use

Greenstand's Treetracker app helping ECOTRUST monitor and verify tree-growing projects.


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Freetown achieves 80% tree survivability in 2020-22 planting project

Greenstand technology helps Freetown, Sierra Leone track and measure its success rate with transparent, verified results.


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World Ocean Day

Our ocean, one of the few things shared by everyone on the planet, is firstly one of the most vital pieces of the intricate system maintaining life on…