Our services

  1. The Treetracker mobile app is used by tree growers to take geotagged photos of the trees they plant and care for over time. These photos are uploaded to the cloud where Greenstand verifies and assigns an ecological value.
  2. A Web Map and Admin Panel displays verified trees on a GIS platform. This feature allows planting organizations to confirm placement, ecological appropriateness, and survival of every planted tree while managing profiles of their responsible planters. 
  3. The Impact Wallet enables investors and consumers to buy, sell, and trade Impact Tokens. This element of the technology generates ongoing direct project funding. Impact Tokens are generated from verified tree captures.
  4. The forthcoming Tree Value Matrix defines the payment in terms of relative impact value. The greater the tree’s value, the greater the relative impact value assigned to the respective Impact Token.

Note: Greenstand guarantees that all Impact Tokens are properly verified. If at any time Greenstand provides an incorrectly verified Impact Token, it can be exchanged for a correctly verified Impact Token.

The tree growing space has countless individual use cases. As a technical service provider, we at Greenstand want to enable and support your mission with the best possible solution. Our team will start by getting to know you and your needs, analyzing them and designing workflows and data streams that will provide you with a customized solution. 

  • Free up to first 1,000 trees
  • Use of Treetracker App
  • Use of map.treetracker.org
  • Orientation given by a Treetracker Liaison once planter survey has been submitted.
  • Basic tree monitoring tech support 
  • Up to 50,000 trees
  • Access to Greenstand's Admin Panel
  • Custom branded map URL displaying only the organization's trees
  • Additional service fees may be required in unique situations
  • Unlimited tree tracking & transfer of all Impact Tokens with 3% of all tokens transferred to Greenstand
  • Access to organization's Impact Wallet
  • Ability to sell tree captures as Impact Tokens globally
  • Additional product development or API integration
  • Examples of the customized services include:
    • Urban tree planting dashboard
    • Customized Treetracker app for FMNR
    • Shape file layered maps
    • Ingestion of external data & extended web map services

To discuss the needs for your project please fill out our Treetracker Survey here -> 
contact to set up a meeting with one our our core engineers.