Trees That Feed Foundation Staying Accountable Through Treetracker App

The Trees That Feed Foundation uses our Treetracker app to verify and track growth of fruit trees cared for by growers.

One of our longest and most-dedicated Treetracker app users is the Trees That Feed Foundation (TTFF), run by Mary McLaughlin and Mike McLaughlin. They've been with us since Greenstand co-founder David 'Ezra' Jay first began talking about the benefits our technology could create for impoverished smallholder farmers in rural and remote areas of the globe.

In a blog post this week, Mike shared the progress they're making in Jamaica, which is just one of the 20 countries where TTFF operates. TTFF started in Jamaica and Haiti and has branched out from there.

TTFF is an interesting use case for our Treetracker app. Mary and Mike's strategy is to give a few trees to a lot of people. Other organizations use our Treetracker app to track trees farmers are planting by the hundreds.

Focused on fruit trees
All of the trees they contribute are fruit trees. The most commonly distributed tree is the breadfruit, followed by mango, avocado, cashew, fig, guava, pomegrante, and others. The choice often is driven by local growing conditions.

Underscoring their mission is a goal to solve global problems of climate change, hunger, poverty and lack of education. Tracking their results in transparent, verified ways is important.

Wrote Mike:
"Treetracker serves as a verification that the trees we provided were indeed planted and planted well. It allows us to share in the excitement of our beneficiaries as together we watch their 'babies' grow. We can even offer advice if things aren’t looking so good. Most importantly, it keeps us all accountable, as it brings transparency to the tree planting space."

Making impressive impacts
They're making impressive impacts. Since the idea was born over a cup of morning coffee in 2008, they've expanded from two island countries in the Caribbean to 20 tropical countries across the globe. To date they've provided more than 300,000 fruit trees to farmers and people with small plots of land.

Greenstand is thrilled you've taken us along on your ride. Keep up the great work!