Why do we do this?

Nasiyan is one of the millions of subsistence farmers who live in extreme poverty. She is a single mother with three children. Her family survives on less than a dollar a day. At the same time, trees are at the forefront of climate solutions, humans are pledging to plant trillions of trees, yet the results of these efforts are seldom known and often have limited social and environmental impact. Greenstand has a solution.

The Greenstand system addresses both poverty and climate change through open-source tree-tracking apps and a verification platform that will impact millions of lives and have a tremendous effect on the success of tree growing initiatives worldwide.  

Greenstand’s model economically enables people to plant and grow trees, allowing them to sell their farmed carbon and other ecosystem services in the form of digital tokens on a global market. This model is made possible with advanced technology that allows the digitalization and ownership of each tree’s impact. Greenstand enables tree growers, planting initiatives and organizations to gain direct access to investors and funders by providing transparency on a per-tree basis. 

Nasiyan is now able to double her monthly income by growing trees. And not just any trees. Her forest is on the edge of a biodiversity hotspot and full of high-value indigenous tree species threatened by extinction. Each of her trees is periodically captured with a geo-tagged image, sent to the cloud where it is valued, tokenized and added to a wallet system. This enables third-party entities to buy each tree’s ecological impact directly from tree growers and resell it to donors and companies.

Nasiyan’s ability to earn an income from her trees is a scalable model that can enable millions of smallholder farmers across the world to grow trees for environmental, social, and economic impact.