Thanks to Our Grant Funders and Contributors

Join us in saying thanks to the organizations helping us achieve our goals.

It’s been a busy few months for the Greenstand grantswriting team. They've been heads down writing essay answers and completing budget proposals nonstop.

This summer Greenstand found multiple interesting opportunities that seem well aligned to our goals of helping smallholder farmers (farmers who cultivate small plots of land) earn incomes while growing trees that sequester carbon. We’re cautiously optimistic that the right fit partners will recognize the benefits we bring and the growth we're making. Now we wait with fingers crossed, which is an incredibly difficult way to type.

To the funders who have already been helping Greenstand with encouragement, in-kind product donations and financial support: THANK YOU!

Thank you for helping get Greenstand to this point. Because of your contributions we’ve been able to build our Treetracker app for both Android phones and iOS.

We built the admin panel, the blockchain, and an expansive database. We minted our first impact wallet and in it placed our first minted impact tokens. Our Treetracker app successfully captured transparent verified proof of the environmental impact of a tree. And this year it completed the 5 millionth capture.

Because of your contributions, we have leadership and resources in place to enable the countless volunteers who regularly share their talents and professional skills. Last year, their collective contributions were valued at $907,000. Wow!

Because of these many contributions, the world is a little better off. Trees are growing and absorbing carbon from the air. Some of these trees are producing fruits and nuts that keep families nourished. All of these trees gave someone a job and an income. And each of them is backed by transparent, verified proof of the environmental impact that tree made.

Please join us in saying thanks to the organizations and companies on the list below. If you know of grants to which we should apply, please give us the heads up! And finally, please keep your fingers crossed for new contributions and financial partnerships to come. Greenstand is ready!