Trees for Social and Environmental Improvement

We use technology and data driven science to empower individuals, organizations and communities around the world to plant trees and improve ecological health in degraded lands.






Launching the Treetracker Project

GreenStand's Tree Tracker is a communication and monitoring tool that creates an ongoing interaction to specific trees. It establishes a link between donations and the trees planted and is the framework for ongoing data collection and economic opportunities.


The problem

is that loss of trees means the loss of opportunities. In many rural communities around the world, deforestation has caused environmental damage that has lead to a loss of economic potential for the people living there, contributing to global climate change which feeds the problem in a downward spiral.

Our mission

is to empower communities around the world to improve ecological health by helping them plant trees in their degraded lands and to provide economic opportunities.

Our current approach

is to connect local villagers (tree planters) with potential donors through a transparent network that consists of custom-made technological solutions that allow planters to authenticate their planting efforts through geo-tagged time-stamped photos. This provides a means of accountability and tracking the fates of individual trees over time.  


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