Addressing Poverty and Climate Change through Technology


Our planet is experiencing rampant deforestation.
Hundreds of millions of people live below the poverty line.
Let's fix both these problems with one solution.

Supporting Partner of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

How it works

On the Ground

Using our mobile Treetracker app, growers care for trees and take periodic geotagged photos of them as they grow. These tree photo captures are uploaded to the Greenstand verification platform.

In the Cloud

Greenstand screens each new tree photo, verifies that it represents a living tree and tags it with additional attributes such as species. Each individual tree capture then appears on our Web Map.

In Your Wallet

Tree growers own their environmental impacts, and they have the option to trade or sell their Impact Tokens on an open market platform. Investors and donors can purchase those Tokens directly from tree growers.

Tracking & Mapping

Using our Treetracker app, tree growers anywhere in the world can take photos of the trees they care for and upload them to our system to be verified. Our platform allows for tree growers to display the periodic growth of their trees, which helps us collect valuable data on tree survival rates. 

  • mobile app specifically designed for users with low literacy
  • Web Map displaying every verified tree in our system

Verification & Trading

Greenstand’s software stack consists of two distinct components: our Capture and Verification Service and our Impact Wallet and Trading Service.

  • flexible framework for 3rd party integrations through APIs
  • proof of impact down to the individual tree
  • post-processing and data verification of tree captures

Reaching the Critical Mile

Greenstand’s goal is to create a global standard of paying tree growers for their environmental services, no matter where they are in the world. Even in the most remote areas of the planet, the Treetracker app allows for individuals and families to support themselves while restoring the land they rely upon for survival.