Bringing transparency to the tree planting space

Greenstand is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization developing open-source technology to address climate change and alleviate poverty through digitizing environmental goods and services. We are made up of about 350 contributors across the globe. Our Treetracker app verifies, tracks, and tracks individual trees, thus creating transparency in the reforestation sphere. Organisations and donors can locate individual trees and track their ecological impact. By facilitating ownership of trees and their ecological services, Greenstand allows for tree-growing organizations to stay accountable. 

Our data-driven system is shifting the focus from simply planting trees to growing diverse forests. We value the process of growing trees by verifying the incremental growth of each tree. The data is then packaged into a tree wallet system so that it can be accessed and traded by users anywhere in the world. Greenstand is unlocking the untapped potential of mass employment in forest restoration on a per-tree basis. For more information on our tech, visit our technical solutions page.

Why do we do this? To learn more about the way Greenstand changes the lives of smallholder farmers, check out the story that drives us.


Our mission

Greenstand’s mission is to enhance the ecological health and integrity of degraded lands while supporting the welfare of local communities. We do this through ecological research, social engagement, and facilitating technological solutions that enhance the restoration of these fragile ecosystems.

Our goal is to create a self-sustaining restoration platform that connects local communities in developing countries with socially- and environmentally-concerned global citizens. Restoration efforts are informed, and adjusted, based on the results of basic ecological research. We aim to enable communities to become stewards of their land while providing opportunities for gainful employment.

Our vision

To create a replicable open source platform to:

  • Enable once-disenfranchised people to participate in the global environmental credit market
  • Shift the global paradigm from tree “planting” to “growing” diverse and valuable forests
  • Allow all individuals, organizations, and donors growing trees to track and trade their impact 
  • Set an ISO standard for tree planting, growing, and reforestation value
  • Verify and watch trillions of trees grow

Our core products

  • A tree-tracking platform that verifies, maps and tracks individual trees
  • A tree wallet system where each tree’s impact is assigned ownership and traded