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The Greenstand team is a remote community of interdisciplinary contributors who are passionate about creating technological solutions to complex environmental problems. Our open-source structure allows for our contributors to telecommute from anywhere in the world, with Greenstanders working across 6 continents. You are welcome to contribute as little or as much as you'd like. We can't wait to meet you!

Come and join by filling out the

Our engineering team needs a number of skills to devlope and manage this microservices cloud based full tech stack. 

Our operations team includes communciations, marketing, fundraising, graphic design, nonprofit management, and more.

Greenstand's Github Repository
Follow this link to check out our progress on Github! This is another way to see exactly what our tech team is up to and where they could use an extra hand.

You can also email us any time at info@greenstand.org.

No time to volunteer?

No problem! You can also contribute to the development of the Treetracker with a donation. Greenstand is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, and your gift will be fully tax deductible. Thank you for helping us grow a global forest!

What is an open-source community?

Greenstand's mission is not just about reforestoration and poverty alleviation; we pride ourselves on creating accessible monitoring technology. The Treetracker platform is open-source, meaning that the source code behind it is open for other developers to emulate and improve upon. For example, our Web Map is supported by Leaflet, another open-source developer. The beauty of open-source technology is that Greenstand did not have to create our Web Map and other components of the Treetracker from scratch. We are able to share knowledge with other organizations, thus saving time and money. The development of the Treetracker takes a village, but thanks to open-source resources and our amazing contributors, our village is growing every day!