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  • Who can use the Treetracker?

    The Treetracker can be used by individuals planting and growing trees who want to track and trade their impacts, as well as planting organizations and initiatives who want to maximize their investments.

  • What are the mobile specifications needed to run the Treetracker?

    The mobile phone needs to be running Android Lollipop (5.0+) or higher and needs GPS built-in. Most modern phones will have this ability. An iOS version is now in testing and will be available by 2022!

  • Can I purchase trees from Greenstand?

    Greenstand works to remain non-competitive in the tree planting space as the Treetracker app could be applied to nearly any reforestation project in the world. Our team can help you connect to projects in need of support. Reach out to partnerships@greenstand.org to learn more.

  • What is the Impact Wallet?

    Impact Tokens are digital representations of the positive environmental impacts that tree growers create. When tree growers take photos of the trees they care for and upload them to the Treetracker platform, the Greenstand verification process ensures that the location, species, and other tree attributes are recorded accurately. The system then issues an Impact Token, which is linked to each tree’s photo capture. Every token is assigned a relative impact value based on the tree's confirmed environmental and social impacts.

  • How does a planter transfer trees to my wallet?

    Currently, Greenstand can provide you with the software to view and organize your geotagged tree photographs by many attributes including by tree planter. You determine how you will pay your planters. Depending on your global location, the Greenstand team can help your project identify the best mobile money options available.

  • How do I pay my planters?

    Once a planter enters the name of the planting organization they represent during the registration process, Greenstand can identify the link between the individual Treetracker and the planting organization. From there, we can automate the transfer of Impact Tokens into the organization’s Impact Wallet.

  • Do you offer customized web maps?

    Yes! Map customizations can include additional GIS layers and your organizational logo. Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. Contact tech.support@greenstsand.org for more information.

  • Are all of the Treetracker features available today?

    Some features within our tech stack are still in the experimental phase. Connect directly with our Treetracker Liaison at partnerships@greenstand.org to discuss what is available today.

  • How much does it cost to plant and care for a tree?

    Cost of tree planting and care depends on the species, location, vendor, and so much more. Our team has compiled more information about tree pricing in this blog.

  • Where is Greenstand's data stored?

    Greenstand is using a mix of different cloud infrastructure providers DigitalOcean and AWS are providing resources for most of the services. The data centers are in the US and in Europe. With a growing demand and community in Africa, Greenstand is planning to move parts of the infrastructure closer to the end user.

  • How does the Treetracker work?

    Greenstand’s Treetracker app allows for tree growers anywhere in the world to track & map the trees they care for using their own mobile device. Individuals and organizations can trade or sell their Impact Tokens to a global market. Planting organizations can showcase their environmental impacts to donors and grantees on our web map at Treetracker.org. The web maps may be customized with logos & with integration of pre-existing data, for those interested in more in-depth tracking.

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