Summer 2020 Grant Award Announcements

2020 has been Greenstand’s biggest year for funding and technology advancement yet!

Reforestation Accelerator

The Reforestation Accelerator is a joint venture between multiple environmental organizations including The Nature Conservancy and the World Resources Institute. It seeks to support rapid reforestation efforts, the development of a forest economy, and global environmental credit trading–– innovations that are imperative in the fight against climate change. Greenstand was awarded $65,000 in grant funds that will be put towards finalizing key features within the existing Treetracker app and general operations related to supporting the award.

App features that are currently being expedited thanks to this funding include: 

  • Mobile app functionality (for Android and iOS)
  • Web map
  • Data pipeline
  • Data analysis
  • Admin panel

This award comes at a time when increasing the functionality of Greenstand’s tech stack is vital to supporting large-scale planting projects scheduled to take place. In the last year, interest from tree planting initiatives worldwide has rapidly grown. With this support, Greenstand will be able to offer a user-friendly product built with our target user in mind that is ready to scale.

Comcast Innovation Fund

The Comcast Innovation Fund supports innovative technical research and open-source software development that can provide positive benefits to society. Greenstand received a $15,000 Open Source Development Grant to advance a critical feature supporting the Treetracker application. Award funds will be used to streamline the data pipeline for edge networks, which improves functionality and syncing in extremely remote areas that have limited access to mobile or data networks. Greenstand has committed to implementing a more streamlined data pipeline and network-based solutions over the next seven months following the grant award.

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded two grants to support our ongoing efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change and alleviate extreme poverty. With generous support from the Reforestation Accelerator and Comcast Innovation Fund, Greenstand is able to continue on its mission to grow a global forest and support community development in many of the most remote and disadvantaged regions on the planet.