Trillion Trees Innovator Cohort

Greenstand was recently chosen to participate in the Trillion Trees Challenge working cohort, an international community of innovators who are ready to reforest the world. Read on for more info!

Hey Greenstand supporters! Over the past few months, Greenstand has been involved in the Trillion Trees Challenge, an initiative by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in support of the UN Decade on Restoration. We posted a solution on Uplink, WEF's digital platform for crowdsourcing solutions to the world's most pressing problems, and competed in a semi-final and final pitch competition, the latter being part of the annual Sustainable Development Impact Summit. Out of over 250 contributions, Greenstand was selected as a finalist and one of 20 members of the Trillion Trees Innovators Cohort.

Our fellow cohort members are as dedicated as we are to reforesting the globe and creating opportunities for sustainable development around the world. These new colleagues range from tree planting initiatives like Justdiggit and Kijani Pamoja to other tech-based solutions such as Reforestum & Ecosphere+. Once the cohort starts collaborating later this month, we will work with the WEF and their tree-growing network to form partnerships that further the goals of the Trillion Trees Challenge. 

We at Greenstand are so excited to join up with other organizations that are ready to save the planet! Stay tuned for further Trillion Trees updates.

For more information on the Trillion Trees Challenge and working cohort, please check out this WEF blog post.

Erin Baker

Communications Lead, Greenstand