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Contributor Spotlight: February 2021

Hi everyone! Welcome to this month’s Contributor Spotlight! Each month, we use this platform to brag about our amazing Greenstand contributors. This…

Greenstand is proud to support the UN Decade

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UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration is a global call to restore our degraded landscapes and protect our planet from the wrath of climate change.…

Photo of windbreaks, a method of agroforestry. Photo taken from USDA Forest Service.

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Trees and Farmland: An Essential Union for the Future of Agriculture and Food Security

Growing trees alongside other crops can make agriculture more sustainable. Read on to learn about the countless benefits of agroforestry!

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Treetracker Spotlight: January 2021

Happy New Year! Welcome to this year’s first Treetracker Spotlight! This month, we are featuring Alex Omijeh, Director of Regional Market Development…

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Contributor Spotlight: January 2021

Hey Greenstand supporters! Welcome to the first Contributor Spotlight of 2021! This month’s spotlight features Arun Bakt, a member of our Android…


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Protecting Their Forests is Protecting Their Identities

How much do you know about the world's forest communities? Check out our intern Sydney's first blog post describing indigenous land ownership!


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The Best Time to Plant a Tree

Trees do more than just provide greenery and sequester carbon. They represent a biome and support a world of lifeforms that are intricately linked to…

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System User Spotlight: December 2020

Hey Greenstand community! Welcome to this month’s System User Spotlight! For this installment, we interviewed Jon Trimarco, the founder of one of our…

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Contributor Spotlight: December 2020

Hi everyone! Welcome to this month’s installment of Contributor Spotlights! Each month we highlight one of our amazing contributors from our global…


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Greenstand’s Partnership with The Haiti Tree Project

Greenstand is so excited to announce our partnership with The Haiti Tree Project! Check out their blog post about our partnership here.