Contributor Spotlight: Dadior Chen

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Contributor Spotlights! Each month, we feature one amazing contributor from our global community! For today’s post, we interviewed Dadior Chen, our Engineering Lead.

Dadior is a freelance software developer based in Beijing, China. After studying computer science at university, he went on to develop java and enterprise software for prominent clients such as the Bank of China and, a web portal and search engine that is widely used in China. After spending over 20 years in the field, Dadior found that he did not enjoy pouring 100% of his energy into one job. He wanted to use his time more efficiently, and fell into freelancing by pursuing remote work that he genuinely enjoys. He considers himself an “independent developer”; he is able to build every aspect of the applications his clients hire him for, from the user experience to the backend and everything in between. 

Outside of his professional projects, Dadior also has his own application in beta testing. Unsatisfied with existing note-taking apps, he built Midinote, which is specifically designed for personal organization and notes. Rather than a typical user interface, Midinote uses a tag-based “mind map” design so that users can organize their notes in a way that makes sense to them. The app is 100% Javascript-based, and uses d3 to visualize the data for each note. Midinote is so innovative that Dadior has applied to patent part of the project!

Dadior found Greenstand while looking for fun volunteer opportunities that would also help him practice English. He initially joined as an occasional contributor, helping us out with projects as he was available. In early 2020, however, he became much more involved in the development of the Treetracker platform. One of his early projects was building out the most basic functions of the Admin Panel, which planting organizations can use to view and manage their trees and tree growers on the Web Map. He moved on to help with the Wallet API, now known as the Impact Wallet, which was released in January of 2020.

As Greenstand’s Treetracker becomes more popular, more trees are showcased on our Web Map. We get closer to 1 million verified trees in the system every day, which takes a considerable toll on loading speeds. Dadior’s current focus at Greenstand is speeding up the Web Map. Earlier in 2021, Dadior switched our Web Map to the Leaflet.js tile server and improved upon an existing open-source C++ tool called Mapnik, which greatly enhanced loading speeds and general user experience. 

When we asked Dadior about his Greenstand experience thus far, he told us that “it’s the best job [he’s] ever found.” He explained that some jobs are just for money, but his work at Greenstand is more enjoyable because the work is meaningful. He added that he’d never felt that way about other jobs he has had. When he isn’t acting as our “engineering rockstar,” (a direct quote from one of our executives), Dadior enjoys reading, traveling (when pandemic restrictions are lifted), and taking daily 6-kilometer runs each morning. 

Thanks for all your hard work, Dadior! We couldn’t grow a global forest without you.

Erin Baker

Communications Lead, Greenstand