Carlos Martins


Carlos was born and raised in Brazil, where he studied mechanical engineering at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. After graduating, he helped run his family's international textile business until he embarked on a global journey to all 7 continents - yes, including Antarctica! In 2020, after his trip around the world, Carlos began teaching himself to code using free online resources. A few months in, he started to look for open-source projects that he could contribute to and Greensand was a "no-brainer" for him, as sustainability and fighting climate change are causes that he strongly believes in. At Greenstand, Carlos had the opportunity to fix bugs as well as implement several features in the Admin Panel. The skills he gained from volunteering with Greenstand helped him land his first full-time position as a software engineer at Expensify, a fintech company, in early 2021! He now lives in Calgary, Canada, where you can find him hiking and photographing landscapes and wildlife in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Contact: LinkedIn