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These 20 innovations are helping us to conserve, restore and grow 1 trillion trees

Greenstand was recently selected as 1 of 20 cohort members to work on the Trillion Trees Challenge! Read on to see the official announcement from WEF.


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System User Spotlight: September 2020

Hey Greenstand supporters! Welcome to our first ever System User Spotlight! For today’s post, we interviewed Karen Nicolas, Director of The Haiti Tree…


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Contributor Spotlight: September 2020

This is the first installment in our monthly Contributor Spotlight. Meet Kees from the tech team!


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Greenstand and Environmental Justice

How is Greenstand combatting environmental racism?


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Harnessing tech to employ last-mile tree planters in a COVID-19 world

In a post COVID-19 world, the pay-to-grow model creates a unique opportunity to tackle the climate crisis and pay some of the world’s poorest people…


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The Nature of Growing a Global Forest

We need a forest to address climate change, loss of biodiversity, and planetary health; we need to rebuild nature in a way that will last. We must…


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The Answer to Climate Change and Poverty?

The environment and how it is quickly changing is burning brightly at the forefront of the collective conscience. From the blazes of the Amazon and…


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India using the Treetracker

It is always great to go through the admin panel and find gems like this. We are looking to extend the outreach for our pilot project. This picture is…


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Tanzanian School Children Help Reforest Their Campus

After two weeks of substantial rain, the timing was perfect to get some trees into the ground. Meza Abraham, the manager of Usa River Malihai Club, a…


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2019 October update on Greenstand

Trees and land restoration are being touted as part of a solution to climate change, and we've come together as a powerful collective with a specific…