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Share Your Impact

Display Each Tree You Plant on your custom map.

These maps, such as the one to the right, can be easily embedded into your website or shared via social media

Display and measure the impact of your tree planting efforts by creating an ongoing interaction between your donors, your planters and your trees by tracking each individual tree using our digital tool anywhere in the world.

Share all trees you have planted or one specific tree - Greenstand's tree tokening system is a flexible tool that allows each donation to be linked to a specific tree or set of trees.  

Organizational partners


Greenstand is looking for partners in the scientific to help with analyzing data. We can provide data for ecological, environmental and social economic studies. Please contact 


We support tree planting initiatives to find their planters and areas of best impact. If you want to start a campaign or initiative to raise fund to plant trees we can create a custom experience catering for your needs. 

Plant trees and track your work with the Tree Tracker app. Find your trees on the map 

For payments for your ecosystem services:

  1. Download the Tree Tracker App.
  2. Enter "Greenstand money" in the organization field
  3. Track your trees' growth
  4. Get paid*

*This service is currently limited to areas with direct money links to planters and requires verification of planter account information. Payments vary and are not guaranteed for all planters.