Addressing poverty and climate change


Open Source Technology to power economical ecology



Our planet is experiencing rampant deforestation.
Hundreds of millions of people live below the poverty line. 
Let’s fix both these problems with one solution.
This is a market driven open source system to employ our planet's poorest to reforest degraded landscapes.

How it works

1. Impact Created

Growers plant trees and take periodical geotagged photos of the trees they grow. Greenstand verifies this ecological impact and converts it into digitalized tree tokens.

2. Impact Owned

Greenstand verifies who is responsible for the ecological impact and allows the growers to sell their tokens on an open market platform.

3. Impact Traded

Investors purchase tokens from growers or owners allowing consumers and donors to purchase, own, and trade the ecological impact as digital assets.

Treetracker app

The Treetracker project is a mobile and cloud based software system that creates a direct transparent link between tree planters and their trees.

Turning tree planters into growers our data helps understanding and monitoring who planted what tree, where it is located and how long each tree is surviving.

Our opensource platform lays the framework to value and invest in the incremental growth of trees.

View the results

  • A link to the individual tree
  • A direct link between the Farmer and the Donor anywhere in the world
  • Direct monetary compensation for environmental services into the most remote areas
  • Trading of ecological impact

Tree tokens?

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Interactive digital forest

Tree plantings and growth updates are mapped out based on real data. We keep data up to date by incentivizing follow up. 


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