Yes! Greenstand is an open community. Go to our Contribute page and follow the steps in the links.  

Yes! Trees can still be entered into the system after their sapling stage. Photo tip: For larger trees, it may be helpful to stay close to the tree (for geographical accuracy) and get as much of the tree in the frame as possible. Be sure to enter the year the tree was planted in the “Notes” field.

You can view trees’ incremental growth through periodic photos taken by the planter. However, we do not offer a livestream-style view of the trees we track.

At the moment we are not taking species, location and other imoportant factors into consideration. Once the beta test phase is completed we will introduce a matrix based on environmental values.

This is one of our favorite questions. Its literally the same as how long is a piece of string. We are currently trying to work towards a 3 year survival based payout per tree at around 2-3 USD per tree. This is based on monthly updates and guaranties that the tree is alive. If the tree has died it can/should be replanted. The farmers get an incentive to care for the trees they planted. There are many models of tree planting which can bring the cost of one tree down to as low as 10 Cent per tree (sticking mangrove pods into the ground) or as high as thousands of USD per tree (helicopter delivery or urban landscaping based tree planting of grown trees). We have seen it all.