Contributor Spotlight: December 2020

Hi everyone! Welcome to this month’s installment of Contributor Spotlights! Each month we highlight one of our amazing contributors from our global community! For today’s post, we interviewed Diego Klehr, a member of our data analysis team.

Diego was born and raised in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina. A lawyer by trade, Diego worked in the insurance industry for over twenty years before discovering his IT and computing skills. Over the past decade, he has fallen into a robust second career that has afforded him job opportunities not just in Argentina, but nearby countries including Uruguay and Paraguay. Diego now describes himself as “a zookeeper for data” in his work outside of Greenstand.

With COVID-19 restrictions in place, Diego found himself with more free time than usual, and a drive to do something constructive with it. Like many of our contributors, Diego found Greenstand through an online volunteer listing. He was immediately drawn to our mission to fight poverty and climate change, and personally loves trees! Over the last few months since joining our community, he has experienced a sharp learning curve not only on the technological side, but also communicating in English, which is his third language after Spanish and Portuguese. However, these challenges haven’t phased him because of the immense support and appreciation that Diego has received from the Greenstand community. He spoke at length about the open-mindedness that he has seen from other Greenstanders, and how he immediately felt comfortable working with us. “I love Greenstand’s mission,” he told us. “I’m proud to be working for such an organization.”

In his personal time, Diego loves visiting the beach, hiking in the mountains, and exploring the countryside of southern South America. He also loves traveling and experiencing new cultures. Although these activities have largely been halted by the current pandemic, Diego has been able to meet other internationally-minded individuals through Greenstand. Although our community is spread across the globe, Diego recognizes that “we are all so equal...we may have different skin and different flags, but we have the same goals and the same drive.”

Diego, we thank you for your hard work on the data analysis team and your positive attitude!

Thanks for reading this month’s Contributor Spotlight. Check back here next week for our December System User Spotlight!

Erin Baker

Communications Lead

Photo of Diego Klehr, this month’s Contributor Spotlight