2019 October update on Greenstand

Trees and land restoration are being touted as part of a solution to climate change, and we've come together as a powerful collective with a specific role to play - social empowerment!

Meet Neema, a widow trying to find money to send her daughter to school. The two of them live together in a mud hut. Her only security against starvation is a small flock of chickens. Her life is a perpetual search for food. She is surviving off of a small cornfield in the semi-desert where it has not rained since January. Everything she owns is worth less than my phone. And yet she is one powerful hardworking single mom; one among hundreds of millions who survive in a similar situation - deep below the extreme poverty line. Supporting their basic needs is a means to reforest our planet as nothing has ever done before.

At our core, we are creating a data collection system that can pay people to rebuild land by growing forests. We are building an open and transparent link to individual trees, laying a framework that answers 'who planted what tree where', and 'how long each tree is surviving.' We are set up to thrive in areas of destroyed and depleted landscapes where people are living in extreme poverty. Our approach is different; we are set apart from others by our dependence on creating value for our target users. We are building a mechanism that can empower people out of extreme poverty - it can employ and feed our planet's hardest working individuals. Supporting our target users must always remain our highest priority, for without them, we will have little to show. We must focus on our planters. Thank you all for your amazing efforts. We are making incredible progress.


Ezra Jay
(founder and CEO of Greenstand)