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Zero Emissions Day

Every year since 2008, Zero Emissions Day has served as a reminder that the goalposts of challenging climate issues has shifted from mitigation to…


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International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies

The air surrounding us consists of a mixture of various gases which facilitate life on Earth. Respirable carbon dioxide supports the plant kingdom in…


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Why the world's seedling supply is running low

Reforestation efforts are gaining ground in the U.S. and around the world, but the global supply of seedlings can’t keep up with demand. Researchers…


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Treetracker Guest Blog: Women Against Poverty Tanzania

In lieu of a Treetracker Spotlight this month, we are letting one of our amazing planting partners speak for themselves. Check out our first…


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Celebrating mangroves, guardians of our tropical forests

Happy International Mangrove Day! Mangroves ecosystems are incredibly impactful on our global climate, especially now that the need for carbon…


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Treetracker Spotlight: Nelson Kerbyson

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Treetracker Spotlights! Each month, we feature one of our fabulous Treetracker app users to showcase the organizations…


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Are all tree planting projects good for the planet?

Planting and growing trees is one of our best defenses against climate change. However, this is a nuanced solution, as certain types of tree planting…


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Contributor Spotlight: Dadior Chen

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Contributor Spotlights! Each month, we feature one amazing contributor from our global community! For today’s post, we…


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Desertification and Drought Day: 4 Reasons to Celebrate the Symbiosis Between Water and Forests

The relationship between water and forests produces a range of benefits for the well-being of humans and life around us. On this World Day to Combat…


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How much does it cost to grow a tree?

Planting trees is one of the easiest and most advantageous ways of preserving and rebuilding ecosystems to reduce our carbon footprint. But is it…