Tree Planters

Whether you are a lone planter or a group of hundreds, GreenStand’s volunteers have been creating a tool to help you map and support your efforts.

To Get Started

  • DOWNLOAD TreeTracker-Planter App from Google Play (Android)  HERE
  • Get Paid

Share your efforts with the world

Receive a link with a map of all your trees that you can share

Get Financial Support as Individual Planters

GreenStand verifies trees and links those trees to funding.


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Your Tree Data

  • How many trees you planted
  • What you planted
  • Where You Planted
  • Keep notes when you tend to your trees.

Coming Soon

  • Create spreadsheets relating to your trees.
  • Be guided back to your trees
  • Track Tree Survival
  • Tree Tokening - Earn more to plant by selling digital versions of your trees

Click here for more on the specific design criteria for our Tree Tracker Application

For more information or to request a modification or report a bug email:

Planting Organizations

Showcase your work and collect accurate field data that can boost productivity.
GreenStand is using cool new technology to boost productivity and provide accurate field data.

Tree data can help you analyze your work. You can easily know

  • exact number of trees planted
  • where trees are planted
  • your strongest planters
  • long-term survival rates per planter

Coming soon:

Provide a two-way link between field workers and administrators. This link can be used to:

  • specify types of trees to plant and where to plant them.
  • request updates of particular trees.
  • send planters back to specific trees to collect data.
  • send planters to tend to trees – water etc.

Whether you are organizing a small group of local planters or are part of a global movement..
GreenStand is designing a system to handle millions of tree uploads a day. Live planting data can unite your efforts. Measuring long term impact will make your future efforts more effective.