our solutions

GreenStand is building a scalable open source tree-tracking software using mobile technology that answers who (individual or organization) has planted what specific tree where, and how long that tree is surviving. We build custom-designed mobile and cloud-based applications to harvest tree growth data and support planters in the initial tagging and tracking of large numbers of trees. The system is streamlined to make it extremely simple for foresters to take over a thousand geo-tagged images of trees in one day.  The data is compressed in the mobile application and sent to a specifically designed cloud platform where it is processed, analyzed for validity, stored and displayed. 

Each tree is evaluated using a custom administration panel and each tree can be tied to web links that allow individual investors to see and own their specific impact. Using this framework, organizations and individual users are able to verify their trees and advertise their efforts. This lays a framework for the long-term evaluation of each individual tree as an environmental asset.


Tree Token = Incremental growth of a tree (Standard Token = 1 tree for 1 month of verified growth) 


What we can currently offer

  • Tree Tracking and Data Collection
    • Mapping with Android devices
    • Tree planting verification
    • Accurately tracking trees survival rates over time
    • Image quality analysis on the phone itself (for blur detection, etc)
    • Whitelabel deployments
  • Reforestation employment
    • Micropayments for tree planting
    • Payments based on tree survival rates
    • Direct planter payments
    • Tree planting employment in areas of extreme poverty
  • Tree Planting Data and Verification
    • Basic Quality Assurance
    • Verified planting audits
    • Species tagging
    • Initial datasets for ongoing survival measurements via satellite
    • Provide a collection framework for all sizes of tree planting projects
  • Tree Planting visualization
    • Custom tree maps embeded on your website
  • Donor interaction via digital forests links
    • Linking donations to individual trees or groups of trees
    • Linking tree planting operations of smallholder planters to markets via technology

Future offering

  • Tree mapping with IOS devices
  • Advanced analytics
  • Automated species recognition
  • Tree growth calculations
  • Carbon and Ecosystem service calculations / potential estimates
  • Tree valuation based on species, location, and ecosystem services
  • Identification of most effective planting methods
  • Verification Certification
  • Individual tree tracking over time
  • Linking individual tree updates to correct tree using object recognition, GPS and Machine learning.
  • Linking individual trees to remote sensing.
  • Tree Growing Employment
    • Planter payments based on ecosystem service evaluations
    • Planter feedback of tree valuation
  • Monetary of quality data and biodiversification
  • Notify planters to check on specific trees
  • Blockchain tradable token
    • Tree tokens - a digital token that can be traded between wallets
  • API for point of sale systems
  • Project management
  • Create planter accounts
  • Assign planters to projects/organizations
  • Project configuration/organization white label
  • Payout management for planters/collectors 
  • Tree Planting planning
    • Based on species
    • Based on location
  • The supply chain of the tree-related product
    • Collection of forest products
    • Coordination of collection