Bringing transparency and impact to tree planting efforts

Why do we do this?

Because it is a brilliant idea and totally possible!

About Greenstand

Greenstand is community of young independent volunteers from all over the world. Originating from the slopes of the great volcanoes of East Africa, registered and based in the wild Alaska, developed in the hearth of Silicon Valley. Together we are working on the Treetracker project, an android app based system to reverse the current downward cycle of deforestation by creating a transparent link to trees/planters that collect valuable data on tree planting efforts.
Once implemented this data-driven system will help us find ways to make living trees more profitable while creating employment opportunities by linking funds to plant trees where our globe needs them the most. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance ecological health and integrity of degraded lands while supporting the welfare of local communities. We do this through active forestry restoration, ecological research, and social engagement. 

Our goal is to create a self-sustaining restoration platform that connects local communities in developing countries with socially and environmentally concerned world citizens. Restoration efforts are informed, and adjusted, by results of basic research on ecological systems. Through local engagement, we aim to empower communities to improve their environmental integrity while providing opportunities for economic gain.

Our Vision

Greenstand aims to empower local communities to improve ecological health by facilitating technological solutions that enhance the restoration of degraded lands.

Our Approach

We are creating free tree tracking software for organizations and individuals to display and advertise their tree planting efforts. 

This framework will allow individuals anywhere in the world to earn an income planting and protecting trees. 

The Mechanism

As trees grow in size, their potential value to communities grows as well. This framework ensures that investment in trees by local communities does not stop at the seedling stage. The mobile app data, linked to a database on our website, ensures transparency in the tree-planting process by delivering a visible and quantifiable measure of success to potential donors. Data also provide foundational ecological information that can be used to optimize future planting efforts and an understanding of ecological health.