Restoring forests and empowering farmers

How it Works

Greenstand's Treetracker app allows for tree planting initiatives and their donors to verify that their purchased or donated trees have been planted. Individual trees can be tracked to ensure that they grow past the vulnerable sapling stage and continue to provide valuable ecological services to their local environment. The app allows for tree farmers to take periodic geotagged photos of their tree(s). These images are verified by Greenstand and the tree farmer is paid for their efforts. In other words, growers receive supplementary income to support themselves and their families while mitigating the effects of climate change.

Valuing Forestation

Greenstand is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of remote communities in the global south. We recognize that such communities have been historically marginalized from global trade, even though they have long been exploited for their natural resources. However, we believe in the efficacy of the restoration economy; through our replicable model, Greenstand enables communities to become self-sustaining without sacrificing the ecological health of their environments.