Share Your Impact - Display Each Tree You Plant

GreenStand creates custom treemaps

These maps, such as the one above, can be easily embedded into your website or shared via social media.

For Planting organizations

Display and measure the impact of your tree planting efforts by creating an ongoing interaction between your donors, your planters and your trees by tracking each individual tree using our digital tool anywhere in the world.

Share all trees you have planted or one specific tree - GreenStand's tree tokening system is a flexible tool that allows each donation to be linked to a specific tree or set of trees.  

For Sponsors and Donors

Whether you planted five, five hundred or five million trees the treetracker is designed to measure, verify and increase your long-term impact, however large it is.

We provide a framework for transparency and follow up that pen and paper cannot guarantee. 

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and help us empower planters to directly link their trees to donors and investors anywhere in the world.

GreenStand is powered by passion and the need to solve a real problem. Your support will make a tremendous impact here 

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