The Team

GreenStand consists of volunteers who are convinced that technology and scientific data can have a major impact on environmental issues and extreme poverty. We believe that poverty and other environmental effects can be countered with a technology/data driven platform that offers opportunity in rebuilding and improving the environmental.

Tom Morrison, Phd

Founder, Ecologist, Conservation Biologist

Tom founded GreenStand because “it’s a rally cool idea”. In Tom-ese, that means it combines his passion for science and technology with life-changing and world-changing work.  His love for big data, research and complex/challenging applications of technology make him the perfect fit as our visionary, organizational leader, data monitor, chief of biodiversity… and several other titles we invented to make him feel as special and integral as he is.

Alicia Davis, Phd

Founder, Anthropologist

Alicia has extensive experience in remote parts of East Africa. She has planted trees and worked on social/environmental issues all over the world. Her passion and expertise in ecology, cultural anthropology, and dragon-suit technology (yes, really) are invaluable asset to our mission. Besides her role in long term planning, she keeps us realistic about the social and environmental impact of this project, zeroing in on strengths and weaknesses in our processes and vision.  “Nurture nature and social welfare from the roots up” is her mode of operation. She specializes in issues related to environment, conservation, gender and livelihoods primarily in East Africa.

Sebastian Gärtner

Environmentalist, Database engineer, Web Developer, PermacultureFreeSpirit and LifeArtist

Sebastian is a yogi who loves planting trees and rebuilding ecosystems. He volunteers with GreenStand because he has a big idea to fund tree planting by linking this system to an app for virtual (or not so virtual) farming. He envisions this project as a mechanism for carbon balancing. His yogic experience and liefestyle allow for deep focused visioning uncorrupted train of thoughts. HIs software engeneering background helps him understanding all the latest technologies. Along with Ezra, Sebastian manifested the idea of Treetracker being a tool we need.

Zaven Arra

Technical Lead

Zaven is order, reason and the structued development of this project. If it is cool new tech he knows about it. With a high class degree in environmental science, he is an experienced full-stack developer with a passion for GIS, water, plants, and music. He volunteers on the project because he is driven to create tech that "solvse real world problems." If you stumble across sloppy code it is pre-Zaven. We believe he can do anything and so we ignore him when he makes statements like, “The problem is not in the database structure, it is in the structure of reality.”

David 'Ezra' Jay


David has spent a decade volunteering with humanitarian organizations looking for solutions to poverty-driven environmental issues. He believes this project can provide widespread environmentally-sound employment, improving the lives of impoverished people worldwide. He looks forward to seeing Greenstand obviate the devastation of landscapes by clear cutting trees for charcoal and subsistence agriculture. He loves to defy gravity.

Rob Rice

GUI, Quality Control, Humanitarian

Rob is one of the guys we go to when we are really stuck on an exceedingly difficult problem. He has extensive experience in project management, software development and nonprofit management. When he is not being a nerd, he can be found teaching his daughter to fly airplanes. He works with GreenStand because we pester him and send him beer.

Tim Leach

Environmental Engineer, Feasibility

Tim is an entrepreneur and conservationist who does yoga wearing a bowtie. With extensive business experience in developing countries, he is extremely good at on-the-ground logistics.  He joined the project looking for ways to make the croton nut a viable source of biofuel for his fleet of high performance safari vehicles. While he waits for thousands of his biofuel producing trees to mature, he advises and re-advises us on what will and won’t work in the context of extreme poverty and environment conditions.

Allan Cole

Web designer - musician

Alen is a professional web developer and musician. He transforms lines of code and meters of music into elegance. When he is not biking around, writing in notebooks, and handcrafting his own musical instruments, he listens to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and composes in Angular, Node, Express, MongoDB, JQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. He works on Greenstand because he cares about sustainability and the planet he will leave to his children.